Statistical Graphics Using ODS

Attribute Priorities

ODS styles that distinguish groups by color alone are ATTRPRIORITY="Color" styles. Styles that distinguish groups by colors, markers, and line patterns are ATTRPRIORITY="None" styles. You can override the ATTRPRIORITY= option in all styles by specifying one of the following two statements:

ods graphics on / attrpriority=color;
ods graphics on / attrpriority=none;

You can reset the default ODS Graphics options as follows:

ods graphics on / reset;

You can modify the attribute priority in any style by specifying the ATTRPRIORITY= option, as in the following examples:

proc template;
   define style styles.Default;
      parent = styles.default;
      style Graph from Graph / attrpriority = "Color";
   define style styles.HTMLBlue;
      parent = styles.HTMLBlue;
      style Graph from Graph / attrpriority = "None";

You can delete the modified style templates as follows:

proc template;
   delete styles.Default  / store=sasuser.templat;
   delete styles.HTMLBlue / store=sasuser.templat;