Statistical Graphics Using ODS

Specifying the Size and Resolution of Graphs

Two factors to consider when you are creating graphs for a paper or presentation are the size of the graph and its resolution. You can specify the size of a graph in the ODS GRAPHICS statement. The following examples show typical ways to change the size of your graphs:

ods graphics on / width=6in;
ods graphics on / height=4in;
ods graphics on / width=4.5in height=3.5in;

You can change the resolution by specifying the IMAGE_DPI= option in any ODS destination statement, as in the following example:

ods html image_dpi=300;

The default resolution of graphs that you create by using the HTML and LISTING destinations is 96 DPI, whereas the default resolution in the RTF destination is 200 DPI. An increase in resolution often improves the quality of the graphs, but it also increases the size of the image file. For more information about graph size and resolution, see the section Graph Size and Resolution.