Using the Output Delivery System

Assumptions about ODS Defaults in This Chapter

Default ODS settings (such as open destinations, styles, and whether or not ODS Graphics is enabled) vary depending on your operating system, registry settings, configuration file settings, system options, and whether you are using the SAS windowing environment or batch mode. By default, SAS/STAT documentation has two forms: PDF and HTML. By default, output is displayed by using the PDF destination and the PEARLJ style (for PDF documentation) or by using the HTML destination and the HTMLBLUE style (for HTML documentation). In most examples, ODS destination statements are not displayed, and you can run the example code to create output for any destination. In contrast, this chapter shows you how to work with destinations and styles, so it sometimes opens and closes destinations. In this chapter, when the open destinations are closed, the PDF and HTML destinations are opened at the end of the step so that destinations are available for subsequent output.