Customizing the Kaplan-Meier Survival Plot

Color Priority Styles

You can use the HTMLBlue or Pearl style when you want to distinguish groups only by color. Alternatively, you can easily modify any other style to be an all-color style like HTMLBlue or Pearl by using the ATTRPRIORITY='Color' option:[22]

proc template;
   define style styles.ListingColor;
      parent = styles.Listing;
      style Graph from Graph / attrpriority = "Color";

You need to specify the new style name in an ODS destination statement, as in the following:

ods html style=ListingColor image_dpi=300;
proc lifetest data=sashelp.BMT
              plots=survival(cb=hw test atrisk(outside maxlen=13));
   time T * Status(0);
   strata Group;
ods html close;

The results are displayed in FigureĀ 23.34.

Figure 23.34: ATTRPRIORITY='Color' Style


[22] The style option is ATTRPRIORITY=quoted-string, whereas the GTL option is ATTRPRIORITY=keyword.