Customizing the Kaplan-Meier Survival Plot

The Smaller Macros

The %ProvideSurvivalMacros macro provides four small macros that are easy for you to modify:

%macro StmtsBeginGraph; %mend;
%macro StmtsTop;        %mend;
%macro StmtsBottom;     %mend;

%macro pValue;
   if (PVALUE < .0001)
      entry TESTNAME " p " eval (PUT(PVALUE, PVALUE6.4));
      entry TESTNAME " p=" eval (PUT(PVALUE, PVALUE6.4));

By default, the %StmtsBeginGraph, %StmtsTop, and %StmtsBottom macros are empty. You can use them to add new statements to the BEGINGRAPH block or to the beginning or end of the block of statements that define the appearance of the graph.

The %pValue macro is used to control the display of the p-value from the homogeneity test.