What’s New in SAS/STAT 13.2

Highlights of Enhancements

Following are highlights of the enhancements in SAS/STAT 13.2:

  • The FACTOR procedure generates path diagrams.

  • The FMM procedure fits multinomial models.

  • The IRT procedure generates polychoric correlation matrices, item characteristic curves, and test information curve plots.

  • The MCMC procedure supports a categorical distribution in the MODEL, RANDOM, and PRIOR statements.

  • The NLMIXED procedure enables you to specify more than one RANDOM statement in order to fit hierarchical nonlinear mixed models.

  • The SEQDESIGN procedure enables you to create a ceiling-adjusted design that corresponds to integer-valued sample sizes at the stages for nonsurvival data.

  • The LOGISTIC procedure enables you to add or relax constraints on parameters in nominal response and partial proportional odds models.

  • The FREQ procedure now provides score confidence limits for the odds ratio and the relative risk.

  • The GLMSELECT procedure enables you to apply safe screening and sure independence screening methods to reduce a large number of regressors to a smaller subset from which model selection is performed.

More information about the changes and enhancements follows. Details can be found in the documentation for the individual procedures in SAS/STAT User's Guide.