Statistical Graphics Using ODS

ODS Graphics Editor

The ODS Graphics Editor is a point-and-click interface that you can use to modify a specific graph created by ODS Graphics. For example, if you need to enhance a graph for a paper or presentation, you can use the ODS Graphics Editor to customize the title, modify the axis labels, annotate particular data points, and change graph element properties such as fonts, colors, and line styles.

This section explains how to enable ODS Graphics to create editable graphs and how to invoke the ODS Graphics Editor. You can use the ODS Graphics Editor in the SAS windowing environment, provided that the LISTING destination is open and that you have first enabled ODS Graphics to create editable graphs. Note: The LISTING destination is typically open by default. There are three steps you must take to edit a graph:

  1. You must first enable the creation of editable graphs in one of three ways:
    $\bullet $ use an ODS statement to temporarily enable this feature
    $\bullet $ use a SAS command to temporarily enable this feature
    $\bullet $ use the SAS Registry Editor to permanently enable this feature
    Creating editable graphs takes additional resources, so you might not want to permanently enable this feature.

  2. You submit your SAS code and create editable graphs.

  3. You invoke the ODS Graphics Editor and edit the plot.

Step 2 involves submitting SAS code in the usual way, and no special instructions are needed for creating graphs that can be edited. Steps 1 and 3 are explained in more detail in the following sections.