Statistical Graphics Using ODS

Procedures That Support ODS Graphics and Traditional Graphics

A number of procedures that support ODS Graphics produced traditional graphics in previous releases of SAS. These include the UNIVARIATE procedure in Base SAS software; the LIFEREG, LIFETEST, and REG procedures in SAS/STAT software; and the ANOM, CAPABILITY, CUSUM, MACONTROL, PARETO, RELIABILITY, and SHEWHART procedures in SAS/QC software. All of these procedures continue to produce traditional graphics, but in some cases, they do so only when ODS Graphics is not enabled. For more information about the interaction between traditional graphics and ODS graphics in other procedures, see the documentation for that procedure.

Traditional graphs are saved in SAS graphics catalogs and are controlled by the GOPTIONS statement. In contrast, ODS Graphics produces graphs in standard image file formats (not graphics catalogs), and their appearance and layout are controlled by ODS styles and templates.