Statistical Graphics Using ODS

Contour Plots with PROC KRIGE2D

This example is taken from Example 55.2 of ChapterĀ 55: The KRIGE2D Procedure. The coal seam thickness data set is available from the Sashelp library. The following statements create a SAS data set that contains a copy of these data along with some artificially added missing data:

data thick;
   set sashelp.thick;
   if _n_ in (41, 42, 73) then thick = .;

The following statements run PROC KRIGE2D:

ods graphics on;

proc krige2d data=thick outest=predictions
                    pred(fill=pred line=pred obs=linegrad)
                    pred(fill=se line=se obs=linegrad));
   coordinates xc=East yc=North;
   predict var=Thick r=60;
   model scale=7.2881 range=30.6239 form=gauss;
   grid x=0 to 100 by 2.5 y=0 to 100 by 2.5;

The PLOTS=OBSERV(SHOWMISSING) option produces a scatter plot of the data along with the locations of any missing data. The PLOTS=PRED option produces maps of the kriging predictions and standard errors. Two instances of the PLOTS=PRED option are specified with suboptions that customize the plots. The results are shown in FigureĀ 21.7.

Figure 21.7: Spatial Distribution

Spatial Distribution