FREQ Procedure

The new OR(CL=SCORE) option provides score confidence limits for the odds ratio. The RISKDIFF(COMMON) option provides Mantel-Haenszel and summary score estimates of the common risk (proportion) difference. The score confidence limits can be displayed in the odds ratio plot, and the common risk difference can be displayed in the risk difference plot.

The MIDP option in the EXACT statement produces mid p-values for exact tests.

The new COLORSTAT= option for mosaic plots colors the tiles according to the values of the Pearson residuals or the standardized residuals. The SCALE=GROUPPERCENT option for two-way frequency plots displays the row or column percentages (instead of the overall percentages). The CLDISPLAY=SERIFARROW and CLDISPLAY=LINEARROW options are now available to control the error bars in odds ratio, relative risk, risk difference, and kappa plots.

The CROSSLIST(PEARSONRES) option displays the Pearson residuals in the CROSSLIST table.