Highlights of Enhancements in SAS/STAT 12.1 and SAS/STAT 12.3

Some users might be unfamiliar with updates made in the previous releases. SAS/STAT 12.1 introduced the ADAPTIVEREG, QUANTLIFE, QUANTSELECT, and STDRATE procedures. What follows are highlights of the other enhancements provided with SAS/STAT 12.1:

  • The MCMC procedure models missing values by default. The RANDOM statement supports multilevel hierarchy to an arbitrary depth. The procedure also implements faster and more efficient sampling algorithms.

  • The PHREG procedure supports Bayesian frailty models.

  • The FMM procedure for finite mixture models is production and adds several truncated distributions.

  • The LIFEREG and PROBIT procedures include additional postprocessing statements. They now support the TEST, LSMEANS, LSMESTIMATE, ESTIMATE, SLICE, and EFFECTPLOT statements.

  • The FREQ procedure produces mosaic plots.

  • The SURVEYSELECT procedure provides Poisson sampling.

  • The SURVEYMEANS procedure performs poststratification estimation.

  • The GLM, MIXED, GLIMMIX, and ORTHOREG procedures support the REF= option in the CLASS statement.

  • The CALIS procedure supports robust estimation and produces case-level residual analysis with graphical output.

SAS/STAT 12.3 was primarily a maintenance release that was made available with Base SAS 9.4. However, it did introduce the HPGENSELECT procedure, which provides model selection for generalized linear models. PROC HPGENSELECT is documented in SAS/STAT User's Guide: High-Performance Procedures.