Changing the Style

The graphs that have been displayed up to this point were all produced by using the HTMLBlue style, which is the default style for the HTML destination in the SAS windowing environment. This is an all-color style (because of the ATTRPRIORITY='Color' option); it does not rely on line style or marker changes to differentiate groups. You can switch to a style that varies colors, markers, and lines by specifying the STYLE= option in an ODS destination statement. You can use the HTMLBlueCML style as follows to make a graph whose line patterns differ:

ods html style=htmlbluecml image_dpi=300;
proc lifetest data=sashelp.BMT
              plots=survival(cb=hw test atrisk(outside maxlen=13));
   time T * Status(0);
   strata Group;
ods html close;

The results are displayed in Figure 23.33. This example also illustrates specifying the IMAGE_DPI= option to control the resolution (measured in dots per inch, or DPI) of the image. All images in this chapter are created at 300 DPI. The default setting for the HTML destination is 100 DPI. Images that are created at 300 DPI are clearer than images created at 100 DPI, but they require about nine times as much disk space.

Figure 23.33: Line and Color Group Differentiation