Interactive Features in the CATMOD, GLM, and REG Procedures

The CATMOD, GLM, and REG procedures are interactive: they do not stop after processing a RUN statement. You can submit more statements to continue the analysis that was started by the previous statements. Both interactive and noninteractive procedures stop if a DATA step, a new procedure step, or a QUIT or ENDSAS statement is submitted. Noninteractive SAS procedures also stop if a RUN statement is submitted.

Placement of statements is critical in interactive procedures, particularly for ODS statements. For example, if you submit the following steps, no ODS OUTPUT data set is created:

proc reg data=sashelp.class;
   model weight = height;

ods output parameterestimates=pm;
proc glm data=sashelp.class;
   class sex;
   model weight = sex | height / solution;

You can cause the PROC GLM step to create an output data set by adding a QUIT statement to the PROC REG step or by moving the ODS OUTPUT statement so that it follows the PROC GLM statement. For more information about the placement of RUN, QUIT, and ODS statements in interactive procedures, see Example 20.6 in Chapter 20: Using the Output Delivery System.