The LOESS Procedure

Syntax: LOESS Procedure

The following statements are available in the LOESS procedure:

PROC LOESS <DATA=SAS-data-set> ;
MODEL dependents = regressors </ options> ;
OUTPUT <OUT=SAS-data-set> <keyword <=name>> <…keyword <=name>> </ options> ;
ID variables ;
BY variables ;
WEIGHT variable ;
SCORE DATA=SAS-data-set <ID=(variable-list)> </ options> ;

The PROC LOESS and MODEL statements are required. The OUTPUT, BY, WEIGHT, and ID statements are optional. The SCORE statement is optional, and more than one SCORE statement can be used.

The statements used with the LOESS procedure, in addition to the PROC LOESS statement, are as follows.


specifies variables to define subgroups for the analysis.


names variables to identify observations in the displayed output.


specifies the dependent and independent variables in the loess model, details and parameters for the computational algorithm, and the required output.


creates an output data set containing predicted values, residuals, and results of statistical inference.


specifies a data set containing observations to be scored.


declares a variable to weight observations.