Overview of SAS/STAT High-Performance Procedures

SAS/STAT high-performance procedures provide predictive modeling tools that have been specially developed to take advantage of parallel processing in both multithreaded single-machine mode and distributed multiple-machine mode. Predictive modeling methods include regression, logistic regression, generalized linear models, linear mixed models, nonlinear models, and decision trees. The procedures provide model selection, dimension reduction, and identification of important variables whenever this is appropriate for the analysis.

In addition to the high-performance statistical procedures described in this book, SAS/STAT includes high-performance utility procedures, which are described in Base SAS Procedures Guide: High-Performance Procedures.

You can run the high-performance statistical procedures in single-machine mode without licensing SAS High-Performance Statistics. However, to run these procedures in distributed mode, you must license SAS High-Performance Statistics and you must install and configure the SAS High-Performance Analytics infrastructure. For more information, see the SAS High-Performance Analytics Infrastructure: Installation and Configuration Guide.