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Running in Asymmetric Mode on One Appliance

By default, the HPLOGISTIC procedure runs in asymmetric mode, as shown FigureĀ 3.9, which is produced by the following statements:

proc hplogistic data=dataLib.simData;
   class a b c;
   model y = a b c x1 x2 x3;
   performance host        = ""
               nodes       = 10;

Figure 3.9: Alongside-Teradata Execution in Asymmetric Mode

The HPLOGISTIC Procedure

Performance Information
Host Node
Execution Mode Distributed
Number of Compute Nodes 10
Number of Threads per Node 24

Data Access Information
Data Engine Role Path
DATALIB.simData TERADATA Input Parallel, Asymmetric

The "Performance Information" table confirms that the NODES=10 option that you specified in the PERFORMANCE statement was honored, and the "Data Access Information" table shows that the data were accessed in parallel asymmetric mode. The data were moved in parallel from the 24 nodes on which the data were stored to the 10 nodes on which the execution occurred. The numeric results are not reproduced here, but they agree with the previous analyses.