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Alongside-LASR Distributed Execution

You can execute high-performance analytical procedures in distributed mode alongside a SAS LASR Analytic Server. When high-performance analytical procedures run in this mode, the data are preloaded in distributed form in memory that is managed by a LASR Analytic Server. The data on the nodes of the appliance are accessed in parallel in the process that runs the LASR Analytic Server, and they are transferred to the process where the high-performance analytical procedure runs. In general, each high-performance analytical procedure copies the data to memory that persists only while that procedure executes. Hence, when a high-performance analytical procedure runs alongside a LASR Analytic Server, both the high-performance analytical procedure and the LASR Analytic Server have a copy of the subset of the data that is used by the high-performance analytical procedure. The advantage of running high-performance analytical procedures alongside a LASR Analytic Server (as opposed to running alongside a DBMS table or alongside HDFS) is that the initial transfer of data from the LASR Analytic Server to the high-performance analytical procedure is a memory-to-memory operation that is faster than the disk-to-memory operation when the procedure runs alongside a DBMS or HDFS. When the cost of preloading a table into a LASR Analytic Server is amortized by multiple uses of these data in separate runs of high-performance analytical procedures, using the LASR Analytic Server can result in improved performance.