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Practical Problem-Solving with PROC SQL

Computing a Weighted Average


You want to compute a weighted average of a column of values.

Background Information

There is one input table, called Sample, that contains the following data:

Sample Input Table for Weighted Averages

                        Sample Data for Weighted Average

                      Obs     Value      Weight     Gender

                        1    2893.35      9.0868      F   
                        2      56.13     26.2171      M   
                        3     901.43     -4.0605      F   
                        4    2942.68     -5.6557      M   
                        5     621.16     24.3306      F   
                        6     361.50     13.8971      M   
                        7    2575.09     29.3734      F   
                        8    2157.07      7.0687      M   
                        9     690.73    -40.1271      F   
                       10    2085.80     24.4795      M   

Note that some of the weights are negative.


Use the following PROC SQL code to obtain weighted averages that are shown in the following output:

proc sql;
   title 'Weighted Averages from Sample Data';
   select Gender, sum(Value*Weight)/sum(Weight) as WeightedAverage
      from (select Gender, Value,
                      when Weight gt 0 then Weight
                      else 0
                   end as Weight
               from Sample)
      group by Gender;

PROC SQL Output for Weighted Averages

                       Weighted Averages from Sample Data

                              Gender       Average
                              F           1864.026
                              M            1015.91

How It Works

This solution uses an in-line view to create a temporary table that eliminates the negative data values in the Weight column. The in-line view is a query that

           (select Gender, Value,
                      when Weight>0 then Weight
                      else 0
                   end as Weight
               from Sample)

The first, or outer, SELECT statement in the query

The weighted average is the sum of the products of Value and Weight divided by the sum of the Weights.
select Gender, sum(Value*Weight)/sum(Weight) as WeightedAverage

Finally, the query uses a GROUP BY clause to combine the data so that the calculation is performed for each gender.

group by Gender;

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