The OPERATE Procedure

Overview of the OPERATE Procedure

You can use the OPERATE procedure in any SAS method of processing (noninteractive mode, interactive-line mode, batch mode, or windowing environment) to manage a server, the server libraries, and the server users. Using PROC OPERATE, you can do the following tasks:
  • define a SAS library to a server after the server has started
  • display information about assigned libraries
  • release libraries from assignment
  • terminate access to a library
  • display IDs of users who are connected to the current server
  • manage the server from a session other than the server session
The OPERATE procedure is interactive; that is, its statements are executed as they are encountered. For this reason, statements used in the OPERATE procedure are called commands. The OPERATE procedure executes until it is terminated by a QUIT or a RUN command. The syntax for these commands is discussed later in this section. Here is the syntax for the PROC OPERATE statement.