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Working with Other SAS Products

Recording SAS/INSIGHT Statements

SAS/INSIGHT statements also provide a record of the analyses you create, including model equations. You can record your SAS/INSIGHT session using the File:Save:Statements menu or the FILE= option.

To create a record of your SAS/INSIGHT session, follow these steps.

Invoke SAS/INSIGHT and open the BUSINESS data set.

Choose File:Save:Statements.

This toggles the recording of statements to the SAS log.

Figure 30.15: File:Save Menu

Create graphs and analyses as you like.

The Log window displays a record of your actions. For example, a record of three model fits might look like the following.

wor16.gif (4916 bytes)

Figure 30.16: Log Window

Recorded output uses the same syntax as statement input, so you can replay the statements you record. However, intermediate events such as transformation of variables, exclusion of observations, and data entry are not recorded. Therefore, replaying will not always reproduce the original analysis.

As an alternative to the File:Save:Statements menu, you can use the FILE= option when you invoke SAS/INSIGHT. The FILE= option and other options are described in Chapter 41, "SAS/INSIGHT Statements."

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