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Saving and Printing Data

Saving Data

All data analysis in SAS/INSIGHT software uses a copy of a SAS data set stored in memory. Since your original SAS data set is not stored in memory, it is not affected by changes you make in the data window.

When you save the data, you copy the data in memory to a SAS data set stored on disk. Saving the data makes a copy of

Observation states are stored in a special variable _OBSTAT_ that is automatically read in the next time you open the data set. Thus, if you have colored, marked, hidden, excluded, and labeled observations, you can save all these states, exit SAS/INSIGHT software, and invoke SAS/INSIGHT software again later without losing your work. You can also set the values of the _OBSTAT_ variable to initialize observation states. For an example of this, see Chapter 30, "Working with Other SAS Products."

The following steps illustrate how to save data to a SAS data set.

Open the DRUG data set.

spd02.gif (8277 bytes)

Figure 26.2: DRUG data

Choose File:Save:Data.

Figure 26.3: File:Save Menu

This displays a dialog. By default, the data set you save to has the same name as the data window in your SAS/INSIGHT session. If you prefer, you can select another library and enter another data set name in the dialog.

Click OK to save the data.

spd04.gif (3853 bytes)

Figure 26.4: Save Dialog

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