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Entering Data

Adding Variables and Observations

When you have a lot of data to enter, it is more efficient to specify the approximate number of observations rather than to create them one at a time.

Click in the upper left corner of the data window.

This displays the data pop-up menu.


Figure 2.12: Data Pop-up Menu

Choose New Observations from the pop-up menu.

This displays a dialog to prompt you for the number of observations to create.

Enter "10" in the observations dialog, then click OK.

ent13.gif (1890 bytes)

Figure 2.13: Observations Dialog

Observations with missing values are added at the bottom of the data window, increasing the observations count to 12. In the new observations, character values default to blank, while numeric values default to missing.

ent14.gif (5664 bytes)

Figure 2.14: New Observations

The New Variables menu works like the New Observations menu. You can choose New Variables to create several variables at once.

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