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Data Windows

Opening a Data Window

You can open data windows in several ways. One way is to specify a data set with the DATA= option when you invoke SAS/INSIGHT software. If you do not specify a data set, a data set dialog appears.

dat03.gif (6153 bytes)

Figure 31.2: Data Set Dialog

This dialog displays two lists: Library and Data Set. A library is a location where data sets are stored. The Library list always contains the standard libraries WORK, MAPS, SASHELP, and SASUSER. You can define other libraries using the LIBNAME statement. For more information on the LIBNAME statement, refer to SAS Language Reference: Dictionary.

By default, SASUSER is selected in the Library list. To see the data sets in any other library, click on the library's name. This causes the Data Set list to display all data sets in that library. For information on how to create SAS data sets, see Chapter 2, "Entering Data."

By default, the first data set in the Data Set list is selected. To select another data set, click on its name. Then click on OK to display the data window. On many hosts, instead of clicking on the data set name, then on OK, you can double-click on the data set name to open the data set and close the dialog.

The Options button on the dialog enables you to enter WHERE clauses and other SAS data set options. For information on data set options, refer to SAS Language Reference: Dictionary.

You can also open a data window with the File:Open menu.

Figure 31.3: File Menu

This displays the data set dialog as described previously.

You can open any number of data windows on different data sets, but you can open only one data window on each data set.

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