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Configuring SAS/INSIGHT Software

Setting Host Resources

You can modify the operation and appearance of SAS/INSIGHT software in ways that are specific to your host by setting host resources. For details on host resources, refer to the SAS companion for your host.

If you are on a UNIX host running X Windows, the behavior of the SAS System is determined by X resources. The following X resources improve the performance of SAS/INSIGHT software.

   # SAS resources
   SAS.windowUnitType:             percentage
   SAS.windowHeight:               90
   SAS.windowWidth:                100
   SAS.maxWindowHeight:            90
   SAS.maxWindowWidth:             100
   SAS.sessionGravity:             NorthWestGravity

   # Motif resources
   Mwm*IconPlacement:              right bottom
   Mwm*InteractivePlacement:       false
   Mwm*ClientAutoPlace:            false
   Mwm*KeyboardFocusPolicy:        pointer

These SAS resources and Motif resources enable the SAS System to use 90% of the display and enable SAS/INSIGHT software to place windows efficiently when you set the Window Layout:Spread option. If your host does not use the Motif window manager, it may use another window manager with similarly named resources.

Resource names are case-sensitive. You can load X resources at system initialization or use the UNIX xrdb command. For more information on X resources, refer to the SAS companion for the UNIX environment or your host documentation.

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