How the SAS Scoring Accelerator for Greenplum Works

Using SAS Enterprise Miner, you can generate SAS DATA step code that contains scoring functions. The SAS Scoring Accelerator for Greenplum takes the scoring model code, the associated property file that contains model inputs and outputs, and a catalog of user-defined formats, and deploys, or publishes, them to the Greenplum database. Inside the Greenplum database, one or more scoring functions are created and registered for use in SQL queries. Figure 1.1 illustrates this process.
Process Flow Diagram
Process Flow Diagram
1Install the components that are necessary for in-database processing in the Greenplum database.
Note: This is a one-time installation process.
2Use SAS Enterprise Miner to create a scoring model, and use the Score Code Export node to export files that are used to create the scoring functions to a score output directory.
3Start SAS 9.2 and run the SAS publishing macros.
For more information, see Publishing the Scoring Model Files.
4After the scoring functions are created, they are available to use in any SQL expression in the same way that Greenplum built-in functions are used.