Links and Tests for Special Causes

The TESTHTML= data set provides a way to associate a link with each subgroup in a control chart for which a given test for special causes is positive:

Table 17.98: Variables Required in a TESTHTML= Data Set





character or numeric

test identifier



primary (1) or secondary (2) chart



HTML specifying URL for subgroups with positive test

The variable _TEST_ identifies a test for special causes (see Tests for Special Causes: SHEWHART Procedure). A standard test is identified by its number (1 to 8) and a nonstandard test is identified by the CODE= character in its pattern specification. The _TEST_ variable must be a character variable if nonstandard tests are included in the TESTHTML= data set. The value of _CHART_ is 1 or 2, specifying whether the test applies to the primary or secondary chart. The character variable _URL_ contains the HTML syntax for the link to be associated with subgroups for which the test is positive.

The following statements create a TESTHTML= data set and an $\bar{X}$ chart using the same DATA= data set as the previous example:

ods html body = "example2.html";

data testlink;
   length _URL_ $ 75;
   input _TEST_ _CHART_ _URL_;
1  1  href=""
2  1  href=""
3  1  href=""
4  1  href=""
5  1  href=""
6  1  href=""
7  1  href=""
8  1  href=""
symbol1 v=dot;
proc shewhart data=wafers testhtml=testlink;
   xchart Diameter*Batch / tests = 1 to 8;

ods html close;

In this example only subgroups triggering tests for special causes have URLs associated with them.

Note: If a TESTHTML= data set and an HTML= variable are both specified, the link from the TESTHTML= data set is associated with any subgroup for which the test is positive.