Syntax: VBAR Statement

The syntax for the VBAR statement is as follows:

VBAR (variable-list) </ options> ;

You can use any number of VBAR statements in the PARETO procedure. If you specify two or more variables in the VBAR statement, they must be enclosed in parentheses. The components of the VBAR statement are described as follows.


specify the layout and features of the chart, and they are listed after a slash (/) that follows the variables to be analyzed.

The section Summary of Options, which follows, provides summary tables of options organized by function. The Dictionary of Options describes the options in detail.


specifies the process variables to be analyzed. A chart is created for each variable, and the values of each variable determine the Pareto categories for that chart. A list of two or more variables must be enclosed in parentheses.

The variables can be numeric or character, and the maximum length of a character variable is 64. Formatted values are used to determine the categories and are displayed in labels and legends. The maximum format length is 64.