Overview: HBAR Statement

The HBAR statement creates a Pareto chart with horizontal bars representing the frequencies of problems in a process or operation. The HBAR statement does not produce line printer charts, so it cannot be used when the LINEPRINTER option is specified on the PROC PARETO statement.

A horizontal Pareto chart has one vertical axis on which the Pareto categories are listed. The primary horizontal axis appears at the top of the chart and is used to read the lengths of the bars on the chart. The secondary horizontal axis is at the bottom of the chart and is used to read the cumulative percent curve.

You have two alternatives for producing Pareto charts with the HBAR statement:

  • ODS Graphics output is produced if ODS Graphics is enabled, for example by specifying the ODS GRAPHICS ON statement prior to the PROC statement.

  • Otherwise, traditional graphics are produced if SAS/GRAPH® is licensed.

See Chapter 3: SAS/QC Graphics, for more information about producing these different kinds of graphs.