You can specify the following statements with the FACTEX procedure. Items within the brackets $< >$ are optional.

PROC FACTEX <options> ;
FACTORS factor-names </ option> ;
SIZE size-specification ;
MODEL model-specification < / <MINABS <(d)>> <MAXCLEAR <(d)>> > ;
BLOCKS block-specification ;
UNITEFFECT uniteffect / <WHOLE=()> <SUB=()> ;
EXAMINE <options> ;
OUTPUT OUT=SAS-data-set <options> ;

To generate a design and save it in a data set, you use at least the PROC FACTEX, FACTORS, and OUTPUT statements. The FACTORS statement should immediately follow the PROC FACTEX statement. You use the MODEL and SIZE statements for designs that are less than a full replicate (for example, fractional factorial designs). You can use the BLOCKS statement for designs that involve blocking. The EXAMINE statement can be used as needed.