Overview: INSET Statement

The INSET statement enables you to enhance a cusum chart by adding a box or table (referred to as an inset) of summary statistics directly to the graph. A possible application of an inset is to present cusum parameters on the chart rather than displaying them in a legend. An inset can also display arbitrary values provided in a SAS data set.

Note that the INSET statement by itself does not produce a display but must be used in conjunction with an XCHART statement. Insets are not available with line printer charts, so the INSET statement is not applicable when the LINEPRINTER option is specified in the PROC CUSUM statement.

You can use options in the INSET statement to do the following:

  • specify the position of the inset

  • specify a header for the inset table

  • specify graphical enhancements, such as background colors, text colors, text height, text font, and drop shadows