SAS Package Reader

The SAS Package Reader application enables you to retrieve the contents of a SAS package as an archive file from an archival location or from an e-mail attachment without having to run SAS. An archive is denoted by a .spk file extension, which is an abbreviation for SAS Package.
A read-only tool, SAS Package Reader is useful for viewing individual package entries and saving them to local files. SAS Package Reader launches an appropriate viewer to enable you to see the content of the package entry. For SAS data sets, it starts a built-in data set viewer; for all other viewable data, it starts the Web browser that is already configured on your system.
Note: Some entry types cannot be viewed. Examples include viewer files, SAS catalogs, and SAS databases (MDDB and DMDB files). If the selected entry type is not viewable, then the View icon does not appear in the toolbar. In addition, if you try to view a SAS data set that is password-protected, a message is displayed saying that the data set cannot be accessed.
What you do with a package corresponds to the type of consumer that you are and the type of information that is contained in the package. Packages are created for specific target consumers for definite purposes.
Because you do not need SAS running in order to use SAS Package Reader, you do not need additional SAS software licensed in order to retrieve packages.
For more information about SAS Package Reader, see the product Help.