Package Publishing

The following activities are performed in order to publish a package:
  1. Entries are inserted into the package.
  2. The transport for delivering the package to the consumer is defined.
  3. Other properties are defined that are specific to the transport or the rendering of the package.
  4. The package is published.
The following scenarios depict how the package publishing method can depend on your role in the business enterprise or your experience as a programmer:
Package Publishing Methods for Different Publishers
Type of Publisher
Package Publishing Method
Novice user or someone who prefers to use a GUI
Publish by using SAS Enterprise Guide or SAS Information Delivery Portal. For more information, see the product Help.
SAS programmer
Publish programmatically by using the Publish Package CALL routines. See Using the Publish Package Interface.
Programmer who uses a language other than SAS
Publish by writing a third-party client application. See Using a Third-Party Client Application.