Sets the body of the event message, which should be specified as a file that contains an XML document fragment


CALL EVENT_BODY(eventId, filename, rc);

Required Arguments

identifies the event.
Type:Numeric, Output
identifies the name of the file that contains the XML fragment that constitutes the event message. The filename parameter can be specified as either:
  • FILENAME: external_filename
  • FILEREF: sas_fileref
Type:Character, Input
identifies the return code.
Type:Numeric, Input


The EVENT_BODY CALL routine can be omitted if the event body is intended to be empty.


Example 1: Using EVENT_BODY with an XML Fragment

The following example uses an XML fragment that might be defined as the body. This XML fragment is located in the file that is specified by FILENAME or FILEREF in the CALL routine.
<Company name='Alphalite Airways'>
   <Sales region='South'>
    <Sales region='West'>
   <Sales region='North'>
   <Sales region='East'>

Example 2: Using EVENT_BODY with the FILENAME Property

The following example uses FILENAME to specify the name of the file that contains the body portion of the event.
fname = "filename:c:\eventBody.xml";
CALL EVENT_BODY(eventId, fname, rc);