What Is the Publishing Framework?

The Publishing Framework feature of SAS Integration Technologies provides a complete and robust publishing environment for enterprise-wide information delivery. The Publishing Framework consists of SAS CALL routines, application programming interfaces (APIs), and graphical user interfaces that enable both users and applications to publish SAS files (including data sets, catalogs, and database views), other digital content, and system-generated events to a variety of destinations including the following:
  • e-mail addresses
  • message queues
  • publication channels and subscribers
  • WebDAV-compliant servers
  • archive locations
  • SharePoint servers
The Publishing Framework also provides tools that enable both users and applications to receive and process published information. For example, users can receive packages with content, such as charts and graphs, that is ready for viewing. SAS programs can receive packages with SAS data sets that might in turn trigger additional analyses on that data.
The functions of the Publishing Framework include channel definition, subscription management, package publishing, package retrieval, package viewing, and event publishing.