Package Publishing

The Publishing Framework enables you to create packages that contain one or more information entities, including SAS data sets, SAS catalogs, SAS databases, and almost any other type of digital content. You can also define viewers that make the information entities easier to display.
After creating a package, you can publish the package and its associated viewers to one or more channels. This causes the information to be delivered to each user who has subscribed to those channels, if the package and its contents meet the subscriber's filtering criteria. In addition to channels, you can publish packages directly to one or more e-mail addresses, message queues, WebDAV-compliant servers, archive locations, and SharePoint servers.
To create and publish packages, you can use either of the following methods:
  • Use the publish CALL routines to create packages and publish them from within a SAS program.
  • Use the Java APIs that are provided with SAS Integration Technologies to create packages and publish them from within a third-party application.
You can also use SAS Enterprise Guide or SAS Information Delivery Portal to create and publish packages via the Publishing Framework.