Retrieves an MDDB entry from a package


CALL RETRIEVE_MDDB(entryId, libname, memname, rc);

Required Arguments

identifies the MDDB entry.
Type:Numeric, Input
specifies the SAS library that will contain the retrieved MDDB.
Type:Character, Input
specifies the name of the retrieved MDDB.
Type:Character, Input
receives a return code.
Type:Numeric, Output


An MDDB is a multidimensional database (not a data set) offered by SAS. An MDDB is a specialized storage facility that can be created by tools such as multidimensional data viewers, which populate the MDDB with data that is retrieved from sources such as a data warehouse. The matrix format of MDDBs allows the viewer to access data quickly and easily.
If the memname parameter is blank, then the RETRIEVE_MDDB CALL routine creates the MDDB using the original member name as it was defined at publish time.

Example: Using RETRIEVE_MDDB

The following example retrieves an MDDB entry WORK.OUTDATA from the package:
lib = 'work';
mem = 'outdata';
CALL RETRIEVE_MDDB(entryId, lib, mem, rc);