Inserts a viewer into a package


CALL INSERT_VIEWER(packageId, filename, mimeType, desc, nameValue, rc
<, properties, propValue1, ...propValueN> );

Required Arguments

identifies the package.
Type:Numeric, Input
names the viewer, using the following syntax:
  • FILENAME: external_filename
  • FILEREF: sas_fileref
Type:Character, Input
specifies the MIME type, the value of which is determined by the user. Subscribers can filterpackages based on MIME type. For suggested values, see the Details section for INSERT_FILE.
Type:Character, Input
describes the viewer.
Type:Character, Input
identifies a list of one or more space-separated name/value pairs, each in one of the following forms:
  • name
  • name=value
  • name="value"
  • name="single value with spaces"
  • name=(value)
  • name=("value")
  • name=(value1, "value 2",… valueN)
Name/value pairs are site-specific; they are used for the purpose of filtering.
Type:Character, Input
receives a return code.
Type:Numeric, Output

Optional Arguments

identifies a comma-separated list of optional property names. Valid property names are as follows:
Type:Character, Input
propValue1, …propValueN
specifies one value for each specified property. The order of the values matches the order of the property names in the properties parameter. Valid property values are defined as follows:
ENCODING indicates the character set of the viewer file, such as ISO-8859-1.
VIEWER_TYPE indicates the type of the viewer. Valid values are HTML and TEXT. The default value is HTML.
Type:Character, Input

Example: Using INSERT_VIEWER

The following example inserts the external file HVIEWER.HTML into the package that is specified by packageId.
filename = 'filename:/tmp/hviewer.html';
desc = 'HTML viewer';
nameValue = '';
mimeType = 'text/html';
CALL INSERT_VIEWER(packageId, filename,
   mimeType, desc, nameValue, rc);