What’s New in the Base SAS 9.4 Statistical Procedures

FREQ Procedure Enhancements

  • The following types of binomial confidence limits are now available: Blaker, exact mid-p, likelihood ratio, and logit. (You can request binomial confidence limits in the BINOMIAL(CL=) option.)

  • The new OR(CL=SCORE) option provides score confidence limits for the odds ratio. The new RELRISK(CL=SCORE) option provides score confidence limits for the relative risk. Score confidence limits can be displayed in the odds ratio and relative risk plots.

  • The RISKDIFF(COMMON) option provides Mantel-Haenszel, stratified Newcombe, and summary score estimates of the common risk (proportion) difference. The common risk difference can be displayed in the risk difference plot.

  • The MIDP option in the EXACT statement produces mid p-values for exact tests.

  • The new COLORSTAT= option for mosaic plots colors the tiles according to the values of the Pearson residuals or the standardized residuals. The SCALE=GROUPPERCENT option for two-way frequency plots displays the row or column percentages (instead of the overall percentages). The CLDISPLAY=SERIFARROW and CLDISPLAY=LINEARROW options are now available to control the error bars in odds ratio, relative risk, risk difference, and kappa plots.

  • The CROSSLIST(PEARSONRES) option displays the Pearson residuals in the CROSSLIST table.