PRINTTO Procedure

Overview: PRINTTO Procedure

The PRINTTO procedure defines destinations, other than ODS destinations, for SAS procedure output and for the SAS log. By default, SAS procedure output and the SAS log are routed to the default procedure output file and the default SAS log file for your method of operation. The PRINTTO procedure does not define ODS destinations. See the following table for SAS log and procedure output default destinations.
You can store the SAS log or procedure output in an external file or in a SAS catalog entry. To write SAS output to a file or a catalog entry, the ODS LISTING destination must be open. With additional programming, you can use SAS output as input data within the same job.
Default Destinations for SAS Log and Procedure Output
Method of Running SAS
SAS Log Destination
Procedure Output Destination
Windowing environment
LOG window
Results Viewer window
Interactive line mode
Display monitor (as statements are entered)
Display monitor (as each step executes)
Noninteractive mode or batch mode
Depends on the host operating system
Depends on the operating environment
Operating Environment Information: For information and examples specific to your operating system or environment, see the documentation for your operating environment.