RANK Procedure

Results: RANK Procedure

Missing Values

Missing values are not ranked and are left missing when ranks or rank scores replace the original values in the output data set.

Output Data Set

The RANK procedure creates a SAS data set containing the ranks or rank scores but does not create any printed output. You can use PROC PRINT, PROC REPORT, or another SAS reporting tool to print the output data set.
The output data set contains all the variables from the input data set plus the variables named in the RANKS statement. If you omit the RANKS statement, the rank values replace the original variable values in the output data set.

Numeric Precision

For in-database processing, the mathematical operations expressed by the RANK procedure in SQL, and the order in which they are performed, are essentially the same as those performed within SAS. However, in-database processing might result in small numerical differences when compared to results produced directly by SAS.