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The TIMEPLOT Procedure


PROC TIMEPLOT <option(s)>;



identifies the input data set.


specifies the maximum number of decimal places to print in the listing.

Interaction: A decimal specification in a format overrides a MAXDEC= specification.
Default: 2
Range: 0-12
Featured in: Superimposing Two Plots

specifies a split character, which controls line breaks in column headings. It also specifies that labels be used as column headings. PROC TIMEPLOT breaks a column heading when it reaches the split character and continues the heading on the next line. Unless the split character is a blank, it is not part of the column heading. Each occurrence of the split character counts toward the 256-character maximum for a label.

Alias: S=
Default: blank (' ')

Note:   Column headings can occupy up to three lines. If the column label can be split into more lines than this fixed number, then the split character is used only as a recommendation on how to split the label.  [cautionend]


uniformly scales the horizontal axis across all BY groups. By default, PROC TIMEPLOT separately determines the scale of the axis for each BY group.

Interaction: UNIFORM also affects the calculation of means for reference lines (see REF=).

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