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The OPTIONS Procedure

Example 2: Displaying the Setting of a Single Option

Procedure features:

PROC OPTIONS statement option:





This example shows how to display the setting of a single SAS system option. The log shows the current setting of the SAS system option MEMBLKSZ. The DEFINE and VALUE options display additional information. The LOGNUMBERFORMAT displays the value using commas.


 Note about code
proc options option=memblksz define value lognumberformat;

Log Output from Specifying the MEMBLKSZ Option

30   proc options option=memblksz lognumberformat define value;
31   run;

    SAS (r) Proprietary Software Release XXX

Option Value Information For SAS Option MEMBLKSZ
    Option Value: 16,777,216
    Option Scope: Default
    How option value set:  Shipped Default
Option Definition Information for SAS Option MEMBLKSZ
    Group= MEMORY
    Group Description: Memory settings
    Description: Size of memory blocks allocated to support MEMLIB and MEMCACHE options.
    Type: The option value is of type INTMAX
          Range of Values: The minimum is 0 and the maximum is 9223372036854775807
          Valid Syntax(any casing): MIN|MAX|n|nK|nM|nG|nT|hex
    Numeric Format: Usage of LOGNUMBERFORMAT does not impact the value format
    When Can Set: Session startup (command line or config) only
    Restricted: Your Site Administrator can restrict modification of this option
    Optsave: Proc Optsave or command Dmoptsave will not save this option
    SAS Language: Can "get" the option value using SAS language
    SAS Language: Can "set" the option value using SAS language
    Print or Display: Special keyword is NOT required

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