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The CPORT Procedure

Syntax: CPORT Procedure

See: CPORT Procedure under Windows UNIX OpenVMS z/OS
Table of Contents: The CPORT Procedure

PROC CPORT source-type=libref | <libref.>member-name<option(s)>;
EXCLUDE SAS file(s) | catalog entry(s)</ MEMTYPE=mtype></ ENTRYTYPE=entry-type>;
SELECT SAS file(s) | catalog entry(s) </ MEMTYPE=mtype></ ENTRYTYPE=entry-type>;
TRANTAB NAME=translation-table-name

Task Statement
Creates a transport file PROC CPORT

Excludes one or more specified files from the transport file. EXCLUDE

Specifies one or more files or entries to include in the transport file. SELECT

Specifies one or more translation tables for characters in catalog entries to be exported. TRANTAB

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