Create the WORK.POINTS data set. The instream data, which immediately follows the DATALINES statement, contains a unique identification number (EmployeeId) and bonus evaluations for each employee for each quarter of the year (Q1-Q4). Some of the bonus evaluation values that are listed in the data lines are numbers; others are character values. Where character values are listed in the data lines, the Evaluation. informat converts the value O to 4, the value S to 3, and so on. The raw data values 0 through 4 are read as themselves because they are not referenced in the definition of the informat. Converting the letter values to numbers makes it possible to calculate the total number of bonus points for each employee for the year. TotalPoints is the total number of bonus points. The addition operator is used instead of the SUM function so that any missing value will result in a missing value for TotalPoints.

data points;
   input EmployeeId $ (Q1-Q4) (evaluation.,+1);
2355 S O O S
5889 2 . 2 2
3878 C E E E
4409 0 1 1 1
3985 3 3 3 2
0740 S E E S
2398 E E   C
5162 C C C E
4421 3 2 2 2
7385 C C C N