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The DATASETS Procedure


Reactivates a foreign key integrity constraint that is inactive.
Restriction: Must be in a MODIFY RUN group
See also: "Understanding Integrity Constraints" in SAS Language Reference: Concepts

IC REACTIVATE foreign-key-name REFERENCES libref;



is the name of the foreign key to reactivate.


refers to the SAS library containing the data set that contains the primary key that is referenced by the foreign key.

For example, suppose that you have the foreign key FKEY defined in data set MYLIB.MYOWN and that FKEY is linked to a primary key in data set MAINLIB.MAIN. If the integrity constraint is inactivated by a copy or move operation, you can reactivate the integrity constraint by using the following code:

proc datasets library=mylib;
   modify myown;
   ic reactivate fkey references mainlib;

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