Create the STOCKS data set. STOCKS contains stock prices for two competing kite manufacturers. The prices are recorded for two days, three times a day: at opening, at noon, and at closing. Notice that the input data set contains duplicate values for the Date variable.

data stocks;
    input Company $14. Date $ Time $ Price;
Horizon Kites jun11 opening 29
Horizon Kites jun11 noon    27
Horizon Kites jun11 closing 27
Horizon Kites jun12 opening 27
Horizon Kites jun12 noon    28
Horizon Kites jun12 closing 30
SkyHi Kites   jun11 opening 43
SkyHi Kites   jun11 noon    43
SkyHi Kites   jun11 closing 44
SkyHi Kites   jun12 opening 44
SkyHi Kites   jun12 noon    45
SkyHi Kites   jun12 closing 45