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The DATASETS Procedure

SAVE Statement

Deletes all the SAS files in a library except the ones listed in the SAVE statement.
Featured in: Saving SAS Files from Deletion

SAVE SAS-file-1 <...SAS-file-n> </ MEMTYPE=mtype>;

Required Arguments

SAS-file-1 <...SAS-file-n>

specifies one or more SAS files that you do not want to delete from the SAS library.



restricts processing to one member type. You can use the option either in parentheses after the name of each SAS file or after a forward slash.

Aliases: MTYPE= and MT=
Default: If you do not specify the MEMTYPE= option in the PROC DATASETS statement or in the SAVE statement, the default is MEMTYPE=ALL.
See also: Restricting Member Types for Processing
Featured in: Saving SAS Files from Deletion


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