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The DATASETS Procedure

INFORMAT Statement

Permanently assigns, changes, and removes variable informats in the data set specified in the MODIFY statement.
Restriction: Must appear in a MODIFY RUN group
Featured in: Modifying SAS Data Sets

INFORMAT variable-1 <informat-1>
<...variable-n <informat-n>>;

Required Arguments


specifies one or more variables whose informats you want to assign, change, or remove. If you want to disassociate an informat with a variable, list the variable last in the list with no informat following:

    informat a b 2. x1-x3 4.1 c;



specifies an informat for the variables immediately preceding it in the statement. If you do not specify an informat, the INFORMAT statement removes any existing informats for the variables in variable-list.

Tip: To remove all informats from a data set, use the ATTRIB Statement and the _ALL_ keyword.

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