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Base SAS 9.2 Procedures Guide

The PLOT Procedure

Overview: PLOT Procedure
Syntax: PLOT Procedure
PROC PLOT Statement
BY Statement
PLOT Statement
Concepts: PLOT Procedure
Results: PLOT Procedure
Examples: PLOT Procedure
Example 1: Specifying a Plotting Symbol
Example 2: Controlling the Horizontal Axis and Adding a Reference Line
Example 3: Overlaying Two Plots
Example 4: Producing Multiple Plots per Page
Example 5: Plotting Data on a Logarithmic Scale
Example 6: Plotting Date Values on an Axis
Example 7: Producing a Contour Plot
Example 8: Plotting BY Groups
Example 9: Adding Labels to a Plot
Example 10: Excluding Observations That Have Missing Values
Example 11: Adjusting Labels on a Plot with the PLACEMENT= Option
Example 12: Adjusting Labeling on a Plot with a Macro
Example 13: Changing a Default Penalty

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