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Base SAS 9.2 Procedures Guide

The MEANS Procedure

Overview: MEANS Procedure
Syntax: MEANS Procedure
PROC MEANS Statement
BY Statement
CLASS Statement
FREQ Statement
ID Statement
OUTPUT Statement
TYPES Statement
VAR Statement
WAYS Statement
WEIGHT Statement
Concepts: MEANS Procedure
In-Database Processing for PROC MEANS
Statistical Computations: MEANS Procedure
Results: MEANS Procedure
Examples: MEANS Procedure
Example 1: Computing Specific Descriptive Statistics
Example 2: Computing Descriptive Statistics with Class Variables
Example 3: Using the BY Statement with Class Variables
Example 4: Using a CLASSDATA= Data Set with Class Variables
Example 5: Using Multilabel Value Formats with Class Variables
Example 6: Using Preloaded Formats with Class Variables
Example 7: Computing a Confidence Limit for the Mean
Example 8: Computing Output Statistics
Example 9: Computing Different Output Statistics for Several Variables
Example 10: Computing Output Statistics with Missing Class Variable Values
Example 11: Identifying an Extreme Value with the Output Statistics
Example 12: Identifying the Top Three Extreme Values with the Output Statistics

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